Swannington Primary and Community Expansion

Welcome to our SPACE Fundraising and Information Page
SPACE Registered Charity No. 1169010
Swannington Church of England Primary School has a strong reputation and proud history. For over 150 years the school has provided a caring and inclusive education for the children of Swannington and surrounding villages.

As the Headteacher I am delighted to have the privilege of working alongside dedicated staff, parents and friends of our school to shape the future. In February 2014 our school was judged to be Good and we are currently working hard to move towards Outstanding.  

SPACE (Swannington and Primary Community Expansion) is committed to ensuring that with we have a 21st century building in keeping with our Victorian history. As our reputation and standards continue to improve, so does the number of children. Over the last three years we have explored in depth, possible government and local authority funding solutions. However legislation does not enable us to access these funds to pay for our new building.

Therefore our school and our new charity SPACE is raising funds and in kind contributions from local and national grant providers, local businesses and the generosity of our school community. Our target is £144,000. We are delighted to have already raised over a third of the money needed already, we now have planning permission in place and we are ready to start building.
Please see below our Charity Trust Deed and a brochure outlining our plans.
We very much hope you can support us in any way you can in joining us and the wider community in building an even brighter future for the school and its children for the next 150 years.

Your sincerely,

Andy Mawdsley
Swannington Church of England Primary School