Our Local Area

Swannington is situated in North West Leicestershire, within the heart of the National Forest.

The history of the village has been recorded in some detail by the Swannington Heritage Trust, who hold an extensive archive of material relating to life in the village over the years.  The Trust has been closely involved in the preservation of the Swannington incline, built by Robert Stephenson for the Leicester and Swannington Railway as a means of transporting coal from the Swannington Valley to Leicester. 

Further work by the Trust includes the preservation and restoration of Hough Mill, preserving ancient common land on which there exist remnants of medieval mining, and maintaining a wildlife preserve on the site of Califat mine.

In common with many mining villages, Swannington saw accidents and disasters deep underground.  Notable amongst these was the Califat mine disaster, more about which can found at the Leicestershire Industrial History Society website.

Additional information about our village can be found on the Parish Council website, and the Leicestershire Villages page for Swannington.

As a Church of England school, we have close links with our Parish Church St.George.  The ecclesiastical parish also covers the villages of Thringstone and Whitwick, and more about the church can be found at the Thringstone St Andrews Church website.